A group exhibition at the intersection of art + technology that examines human perception and machine intelligence through the lens of idiosyncratic data practices.

Tracy Chou  
Sougwen Chung
Laura Darlington
Stephanie Dinkins
Claire L. Evans
Laurie Frick
Kate Hollenbach
Lauren McCarthy
Diane Meyer
Tabita Rezaire
Selwa Sweidan
Michael Wingate

Curated by Selwa Sweidan + Laura Darlington

*Cluster analysis, or “clustering,” is the task of grouping a set of objects based on similarity. Used in data mining, statistical analysis, pattern recognition, image analysis, computer graphics, data compression, bioinformatics, and machine learning, clustering itself is not one specific algorithm, but the general task to be solved.

Thursday, July 12 – Sunday, July 15, 2018
12-8pm Thurs-Sat // 12-5pm Sun

Opening Reception
Saturday, July 14, 5-8pm

Knowing Data Workshop
Saturday, July 14, 2-4pm

@ Artificial Knowing, Bendix Building
1206 Maple Ave, Suite 1032
Los Angeles, CA 90015

LAUREN © Lauren McCarthy

Conversations with Bina48 © Stephanie Dinkins

Premium Connect © Tabita Rezaire, courtesy Goodman Gallery


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